Pathways For
Professional Learning

EDUCAP aims to transform teachers and middle leaders into exceptional leaders. It empowers them to unlock their full potential.

EDUCAP encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving and cultivates a culture of continuous learning and growth.

EDUCAP equips leaders with the tools and knowledge for success and develops them by enhancing their skills and capabilities.

EDUCAP helps leaders develop effective strategic plans and nurtures emerging leaders and moves leaders to inspire their teams and drive success.

EDUCAP prepares leaders to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace and facilitates transformative leadership that drives meaningful change.

Engineering Pathways For Learning

EDUCAP: The power of leaders creating leaders

We offer a thorough training program that gives leaders the abilities and information they need to effectively mentor and develop aspiring leaders in their schools.

EDUCAP provides leaders with the chance to participate in peer-to-peer learning and team projects through our interactive online platform, building a community where leaders can share their knowledge and encourage others to take up leadership roles.

EDUCAP's succession planning centers on creating a pipeline of capable leaders. We offer resources and advice to assist current leaders in identifying and developing potential successors, guaranteeing a seamless leadership transition and a long-term future for their businesses.


EDUCAP is distinguished by its deep expertise in leadership development. With a team of experienced professionals and access to cutting-edge research, we provide leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their roles.

We are aware that each leader possesses particular skills and room for improvement. EDUCAP provides individualized programs and resources adapted to unique needs, enabling leaders to concentrate on particular development areas and reach their full potential.

Our strategy places a focus on applying leadership concepts in real-world situations. We go beyond merely imparting information; instead, we equip leaders with practical tactics and abilities that they can use right away to make a genuine difference in the world.

EDUCAP promotes a culture of ongoing learning. Leaders have access to a plethora of materials through our online platform, including webinars, workshops, and interactive modules, ensuring they stay current with the most recent leadership trends and practices, fostering a sense of belonging and a growth-oriented mindset among leaders.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Empowering architects of learning to cultivate educational success

Our Mission

Our Mission

Build commitment and capacity to inspire and sustain professional growth to strategically support institutions

EDUCAP Commitment

EDUCAP is committed to delivering excellence in leadership development. Our commitment to excellence ensures that leaders receive the best possible experience and outcomes from their engagement with EDUCAP.

As part of EDUCAP's commitment to ongoing development, we frequently update and improve its programs and offers in light of user input, academic research, and new trends.

With diligence, we actively seek input from leaders, stakeholders, and education experts to ensure that our offerings remain relevant, effective, and aligned with the evolving needs of leaders in today's dynamic world.

Capability Assessment

The launch of EDUCAP heralds a momentous reality built upon the unwavering trust bestowed upon us by parents, stakeholders, and the impressive track record of success at our esteemed flagship school, the International School of Creative Science (ISCS), spanning two decades, as well as the ensuing triumphs across our expanded network of schools. As the newest entity under the esteemed umbrella of the Bukhatir Group (BU), EDUCAP strives to maintain the relevance, efficacy, and alignment of our services with the changing needs of leaders in the fast-paced environment of today.

EDUCAP stands as a paramount provider of transformative training and comprehensive services aimed at advancing and nurturing the growth of teachers and middle leaders.

EDUCAP enhances teachers' pedagogical expertise and strategic outlook and equips educators to adeptly facilitate and lead the learning process within schools. This encompasses pioneering teaching and learning methodologies, leadership, and management, curriculum development and modification, wellbeing, empowerment and self-care, inclusion, and interventions, fostering inclusive learning environments, and more. The paramount objective of EDUCAP is to build commitment and capacity to inspire and sustain professional growth to strategically support schools by igniting inspiration and empowering educators to flourish in their pivotal roles.

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